New stuff posting in shops soon.

Got to pay down some finite monthly bills so I can get into my apartment when I get called on the waiting list, pretty please help me to achieve that by buying from me and telling your friends to check out my work.

Rebooting my vlog, should be new episodes up very soon. Last chance to watch the original 3 episodes of the old version of the vlog, which will be removed when the reboot goes up soon.

Started building my Shopkeepist website finally!

January 31, 2016

Some pages are still under reconstruction. Thanks for your patience.

Skull, Hammer and Wrench Crossbones, purse hanger
Skull, Hammer and Wrench Crossbones, purse hanger by domesticrebel
Check out some of my other Skull designs in my bentrealm Zazzle shop

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Last Half of January Plans and Update

With the ferocity in which I aim to throw myself into my works, in large due to my efforts to survive this broken heart, 2016 ought to end up being a crazy prolific year.

A little while after my last post, Hate to Ask, I saw a glimmer of hope for my marriage, We spent the second half of December 2015 and until the 17th of January 2016 trying to give it one last chance to work out our marriage. But it isn't working. No matter how much we wanted it to. We are better off friends. Since I am on a waiting list for an apartment, and for several other reasons, we are going to try remaining under the same roof until my apartment opens up, at which point I'll move to an apartment nearby, and he is likely to move to Phoenix in a few years. There are so many things I will miss about him and about the marriage but this is the right thing to do. Thankfully it looks like we are both already starting to do some healing.

During that month I put the majority of my focus on trying to work things out. Sure I did some drawing, and writing, even tried to draft the next blog entry. But I put much on the back burner for that time. Even my New Year's Resolutions are not yet finished being written up. Odds are that until January ends I will try to catch up on the start of a new year stuff I had hoped to do, especially with resolutions and writing. Until early March my biggest focus will be on packing and preparing to move and on healing and taking care of myself. To that end, I know it will help to develop a routine for the remainder of my time in this house.

The plan for the rest of January:

  • Continue packing and sorting my stuff.
  • Get several yard sale items and several handmade & art items listed for sale, especially locally.
  • Finish writing my 2016 New Year's Resolutions
  • Sort my resolutions
  • Do a brief assessment of how 2015 went for my Bent Realm Studios projects
  • Write up a goodbye 2015 blog post
  • Write up a few category 2016 goals post
  • Blog at least 5 times
  • Start a painting
  • Get the reboot of my vlog going
  • Have the focus of my basic sketchbooking be Mermaids, Seascapes/ Sea Life & Beach Scenes, try to get that as close to daily as I can
  • Continue working on my Mom's Mother's Day project, it's a big undertaking, I have been steadily working on it since late December, though the first bit of it was done awhile before that. The sooner I get it done the better. It would be nice to improve my finishing stuff in advance goals.
  • Woodburn some stuff
  • Get a few small craft projects done
  • Figure out a name for and set up a new Zazzle shop that I plan to put stuff using the ink and marker sketchbook series I did mostly in 2015
  • Work on some digital art
  • Continue planning some of my platform projects
  • Continue trying to get in a 31K wordcount for January, since I am doing the 365K Club Challenge again this year (a link to a post about that will go here when it's up)
  • Do prep work to hopefully run my first contest/ giveaway in February
  • Brainstorm polls, challenges, games and other things.

Hopefully, I really can get that vlogging done, too. The trickiest part I think is getting past that intro in a rebooting of my vlog. This is the start of a new chapter in my life, and as hard and as painful as it is and will continue to be, realizing recently that my baseline is actually set towards happiness will help me navigate this. Start of a new chapter in life seems like a pretty good place to set the reboot of a vlog.

In theory this shouldn't be too much to finish with the last 12 days. But I can be overly ambitious at times. As I complete these things I will link in what can be linked in for that list. Probably do a follow up post on this list at the beginning of February and try to make a monthly habit of this.

Still have to ask for people to buy from me when they can as well as watch that vlog once the new episodes start going up, as I do need to bring in some regular extra money  to be able to afford my new apartment sooner, since I don't know when the waiting list will call me, and my current monthly bills are too high - gotta knock them down some fast.

What are your goals for the rest of January? Are they as numerous as mine? Are any of your current goals the same or similar to mine?

Are you going through some major heartache too right now?

Any helpful thoughts for someone going through a divorce, or having to do a bit of an awkward living situation for a few months or so?

[Updated on January 22, 2016 (3 days after posting), to reflect some changes in what our living situation plans were, as originally he was going to go to Phoenix in March, and I was going to go to my parents house in March until my apartment opened up. But that changed.]

Capture of the Mermaids and Seascapes section of my Zibbet shop January 2016.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hate to Ask

Going through a lot right now. Sums up life as usual as a person, sure. So what's different this time? Well, I never went through a divorce before. Naturally, this is costly emotionally as well as financially. It is amicable, things just are not working out. But there is an urgency to getting some extra income to take care of all of the costs involved. Aside from some expensive details that need to be wrapped up to separate our finances, and the divorce cost itself, I also have to come up with the means to move into my own place. If I don't get some outside help, I will be stuck in this painful living situation of living with the ex-husband-to-be for over a year and a half. Waiting list time to get into an apartment I can afford AND get around town easily from is expected to be in the 3-6 month range. 

Here comes the hate to ask bit - Will you please help me to speed up the process of getting the customers I need and the active fans & supporters who share my work with others?

I'm an artist not a salesman. This has always been my weakest area. I can be very awkward socially. At times I fell too silent, slowing my progress in building the foundation of support through networking so vital to an artist's earnings. Despite all the studying in this area I have done over the years, salesmanship and fearless reaching out tends to escape me. However, now is the time I have to get over these hang ups, more than ever before. Aside from this current time sensitive increased need for steady Bent Realm Studios income to start rolling in, I also am sick of seeing the growth of the BRS empire / behemoth of an undertaking that Bent Realm Studios is as some distant dream nowhere near where it needs to be.

Bent Realm Studios is an ambitious beast! The goals in developing an actual workforce to properly staff what Bent realm truly is, as well as one day a charitable foundation component, are the most worthwhile thing I can think to do with my life. Fairly certain there is a huge call out there for more jobs to exist & be available. Well, I have a ton of jobs here that I am presently doing all by myself, and the fierce drive to push for making those jobs and careers into a funded reality. But first gotta have people jumping on board in all kinds of ways.

Therein I must ask - Will you please jump in and be a part of this evolution of an empire?

This is what I need help with.

Below I will outline what I am doing, ways you can help and ways I will try to make this fun.

Shop in my shops -
  • There are things already available for purchase in several of my shops. All my works make great gifts for yourself or others, for the holiday season or any time.
  • More is in the stages of being listed and promoted.
  • Even more is being made and designed.

Ways you can support without shopping -
  • You can become a patron on my Patreon for as little as $1 a month, any amount would go a long way to both help my present situation as well as grow Bent Realm. This comes with special perks, Patreon subscriber exclusive goodies and updates - it's not a donation or a hand out, it is crowdfunding but it harkens back to the very old school concept of being a patron, which only fell into some disuse for a few recent decades where it was a less common thing. Being a patron to an artist is a centuries old tradition. However in this modern version you get goody packs too.
  • You can watch and share my YouTube videos and subscribe to my YouTube channels, which I will be endeavoring to pump more out at a steadily, rapidly increasing pace. Right now my vlog is the only one with videos (currently, the 3 videos up will be gone soon, as I am rebooting my vlog to reflect this new chapter in my life). It's free for you watch but I will get paid as more people watch. Aside from that it's a great way for me to connect with people more, maybe make some new friends and strengthen existing friendships and such.
  • You can share my work, in person telling people about Bent Realm Studios and what I'm trying to do, on social media whenever you see something of mine you like, in some creative way you came up with (if you do be sure to share it with me so I know about it, and share it with others).

Local stuff -
I'm in Show Low, AZ in the White Mountains. If you are local or planning to visit, contact me if you want to get involved with what I am doing on a local scale.
Ideas for local involvement include:
  • Become an intern. Yep you can donate some time helping me get some local stuff done, and earn a reputation as a good worker with me, which could lead to future paid microgigs, even eventually employment.
  • Become a local Street Team member. This is different than interning, probably in the usual ways, but can also get you on my radar for potential microgigs and/or future employment opportunities. This is the one more about increasing community awareness and involvement. [If your local or not you can - Join the regular fan group on Facebook | Join the Bent Realm Studios Street Team on Facebook]
  • Arrange a meet up with me for a variety of reasons - to view my stock (maybe even buy some), have lunch with me and talk about what I'm trying to do, do art and crafting with me, participate in one of the workshops I'm developing, appear in one of my YouTube videos, and so on.

Many things on the personal side are also being done -
  • Even though I am disabled and traditional work environments generally hospitalize me after a few months - I have joined a local temp agency (which I will pester regularly), and I am applying at a few places that I think will take longer to hospitalize me. Eek!
  • I am listing steadily several yard sale type items on Craigslist and local Facebook sales groups; these are things I just don't use and was already in the process of prepping for sale. Plus doubles as moving prep as well as glorious decluttering.
  • We put out an ad for a roommate to rent our spare room (though I am not a roommate person and I have other serious concerns about this plan, yikes!).

It would rock to make this fun and interactive, a few ways I plan to incorporate that:

I need all the help I can get and asking is not at all easy for me. In fact, to help myself cope with that part, I just purchased and started reading The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer (click here - eBook on Google Play) (click here for her Ted Talk about it). Bought it from the Google Play store using some Google Play credit I earned over the last couple months doing surveys on their Google Opinion Rewards app. Been wanting that book since I first saw the Ted Talk in May. Without earning on that app it probably would have been a much longer time before I could get it. I am ready to be done being apologetic about having to ask things.

This should be updated as things develop. [click here for Funding Progress updates]

Sincerely hoping you are having a better go of things than I right now. Feel free to ask questions, and reach out to me.
Please understand, this is a heartbroken time for me, I'm unlikely to get into detail about the painful parts of this with most people.

Are you interested in some local awesomeness?
Have you come up with a creative way to participate in getting this all off the ground with me?
Do you have any interest in YouTube collaboration projects with me?

Have you read the Art of Asking? What did you think of it? Has it helped you to reach out?

Who's excited about the interactive bits?

Sunday, August 30, 2015

New format for Bent Realm site

What the homepage of the old format looked like in an edit preview vs. the new format in early build on homepage.

Just changed the format of the root site portion of and some of the smaller sub-domains. For many reasons. Yes I loved and will miss much of the old homepage and what I was able to do, when I had the time, to the other regular pages. Rarely had the time and energy to truly put into it the way it was set up though. After having done this transfer, I'm feeling a great deal more uninhibited, more free and less blocked and held back. Which is exciting.

Figured I'd get into a few details of this change, including why I left the old format in the dust, why I picked this new format in particular, and some plans for the main blog. Bear with me I know this is more of an explanation / informational post on some boring format stuff, but it's pretty much here for anyone who loved the old format and is curious why it went away. Tried to be as brief as I could below while still being comprehensive.

Link Within

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