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Welcome to Bent Realm Studios!
Bent Realm Studios is owned by
Writer/ Artist - Christina Bushong
Gifts | Custom | Fine Art | Handmade | Supplies | Stories
Stuff with my art on it - prints, posters, t-shirts, stickers etc
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You can get my art & designs on merchandise items like:
t-shirts, posters, cards, skateboards, shoes, stamps, mugs, etc.
Check out my shops on Zazzle -
Bent Realm Studios shop  | Decadent Angels (Shop | Story)  |
Domestic Rebel
In the Services section, you can snag some
custom art & More.

Services currently available include:
  • Photo to Art Manipulation
  • Custom Illustration
  • Art for Comic book Cover, Art for Book
    Cover, Art for CD/Album Cover
  • Story Illustrations
  • Digital Coloring
  • Banner/ Header
  • Avatars, Clip Art
  • Other - Don't see what you want feel
    free to ask
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Check out my Horror series:
Decadent Angels
Lots of new art is in the works!
Comic books, and 1,000+ other
are in some stage of
development or another!
Currently Working on:

  • Tons of writing, art, crafting and other
    projects. Plus organizing & business stuff.
  • Participating in the 365K Club in 2015 (I'll link
    to blog entries on this once I have them)
  • Setting up my main YouTube channel &
    making videos for it. Started a vlog!
  • Developing some additional topical YouTube
    channels etc
  • Getting my Patreon account goals & rewards
    established, beginning to load content.
    Become a monthly subscriber/patron!
  • Updating my website
  • Working on my blogs
  • Summer Projects
  • Destruction of the Muse comic strip
  • comic book series - Sunday Rose
  • New Decadent Angels stories definitely in the
    works. Until then behind the scenes & other
    supplementary content will post.
  • Redesigning this site, and building more
  • and much more
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Bent Realm Studios items make great gifts.    
The Art, Writing & Works of Christina Bushong
Other places to find me
Fine Art Originals | Handmade | Supplies | Custom
Fantasy, Sci Fi, Horror, Goth, Steampunk & more!
Genres I work in most are Fantasy, Sci Fi, Horror, Goth & Steampunk
plus reference;
across all my mediums (art & design, writing & crafting/ making)

I write
poems as warm-ups.
Writing, Art, Making, Creating & Innovating =        
My passion, my calling.  
Find out more about
Projects in Progress
Angel Red
This little "stuck bunny" ink
sketch is something I drew
in an old sketchbook
around maybe 2000, when
I was first really starting to
realize I love drawing with
New vlog started up, posting videos on YouTube nearly daily - http://youtube.com/ChristinaBushongVlog