October's #Inktober went awesome for me, well that actual drawing with ink portion not the posting my results online same day portion. Only missed drawing one day. I will at some point this month get a blog entry on here displaying my whole 1st run at Inktober.

Most of my #NaNoPrep wound up being done on day one of #NaNoWriMo, Day 2 I did very close to a full days target goal. Day 3 despite being a bill pay errand shot me past multiple milestones, made up for a zero wordcount on day one and gave me an extreme buffer for the rest of the month, leaving me hopeful that I might not only win NaNo for the first time but maybe even have a rough draft for a complete novel at the end of November. The standard goal results in about 175 pages (50K words) a very short novel I think maybe is technically actually a novella. My works lean more towards series with an intended 300+ page (75K+ words) books type writing for the majority of my novelling attempts.
Lots being worked on in the background even when I get quiet.

November 3, 2016

Some pages are still under reconstruction. Thanks for your patience.

Skull, Hammer and Wrench Crossbones, purse hanger
Skull, Hammer and Wrench Crossbones, purse hanger by domesticrebel
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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Glimpsing of the What Nots of Now

A gazillion changes and and projects currently in progress all over Bent Ream Studios and in my personal life.

A glimpse at the main personal life stuff that affects my project schedule and more for BRS:

  • My divorce is final. So now I'm single and looking to get more involved with community and friends, and am in the process of returning to my old name. There is a swirl of activity surrounding this change on the whole. It's a huge adjustment, and I'm doing as well as I can under my circumstances.
  • I'm packing for a move and on a waiting list for an apartment while also exploring as many housing options as I can reasonably look into. May even be moving in with my parents for the interim. Lots of things will go into storage, possibly even in a tedious back and forth sort of way, etc.
  • Working on figuring out which paths I most want to pursue in pretty much every area of my life (as well as with Bent Realm). Some things had been set for a very long time, but it's obvious I need to re-evaluate many long standing plans and get them more up to date and in line with more recent developments in all areas including resources available.

As far as Bent Realm Studios itself goes, the current basics are:

  • Going through my supplies & projects and assessing  thoroughly what's going on with each
  • Going through my shops; taking stock and making plans, designing and preparing stuff to go in.
  • Made a chart of areas that need balanced attention and endeavoring to follow it
  • Working on a better task list system
  • Getting rid of unnecessary more burden than help clerical tasks (Like I stopped most counting of my words and the associated logging, will do a write up on that)
  • Development work on my larger projects
  • Small project work
  • Setting up a few primary projects to work on more majorly in different project categories (ex - novel series, board/ card game, comic book series etc.) Once those are all determined I'm likely to put up a post on it.
  • Getting my blogs regular
  • Development on my Shopkeepist project
  • Trying different things to get better photos of stuff
  • And much more

There is always so much more going in in the background with Bent Realm Studios than I could ever express in a lifetime. As I post additional information on the above mentioned BRS stuff I will add in links as appropriate.

How's your week going? Who else is in the middle of big life change stuff?  Who else is doing a bunch of organizing and prioritizing?

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

New format for Bent Realm site

What the homepage of the old format looked like in an edit preview vs. the new format in early build on homepage.

Just changed the format of the root site portion of bentrealm.com and some of the smaller sub-domains. For many reasons. Yes I loved and will miss much of the old homepage and what I was able to do, when I had the time, to the other regular pages. Rarely had the time and energy to truly put into it the way it was set up though. After having done this transfer, I'm feeling a great deal more uninhibited, more free and less blocked and held back. Which is exciting.

Figured I'd get into a few details of this change, including why I left the old format in the dust, why I picked this new format in particular, and some plans for the main blog. Bear with me I know this is more of an explanation / informational post on some boring format stuff, but it's pretty much here for anyone who loved the old format and is curious why it went away. Tried to be as brief as I could below while still being comprehensive.

Link Within

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