Just updated the shop page

In the last few years, I've had a lot of changes going on in my life and am currently undertaking adjusting my website etc to reflect the relevant shifts. No idea how long this will take.

Some endeavors are being cut or altered. Some are moving towards the backburner, as I maintain hope that I will eventually again be in the position to pursue them further.

Stay safe & much care,
July 16, 2021

Lots being figured out and worked on in the background even when I get quiet.

Some pages under reconstruction.
Thanks for your patience.


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Many questions and issues may already be addressed in the Help topics &FAQs etc
I try to keep them updated.

If you'd still like to reach me here are the main options available:

Email Christina: christina[at]bentrealm[dot]com
Twitter @bentrealm
Bent Realm on Facebook
Google + ( google.com/+bentrealm )
Ask on Tumblr

Where Else to Find Me

Be sure to check the info about contacting below.

I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible for most items, within reason. 
Stuff like solicitations, spam and other screwed up things will be deleted & ignored.

Info about contacting:
  • Email is typed as non-clickable to avoid spam by bots, sorry for any inconvenience.
  • Emails - Do not send attachments unless asked to.
  • There are no set hours for Bent Realm Studios, for a variety of reasons. Please be patient and understand if email replies or social media replies take some time, when replies are warranted. I may write a help topic/FAQ entry about this, which will be linked here.
  • My time zone is Mountain Standard US for Arizona (no daylight savings time in AZ).

  • There is no brick and mortar/ physical shop, perhaps one day.
  • There are a variety of local things planned or being considered, and randomly occurring. Some handmade items will be only available locally (things that are awkward & heavy to ship for example).
  • Might eventually get a PO Box again for reaching me via snail mail, if it seems in high demand.
  • Video chatting via Skype will only be done under certain comfortable conditions and if it makes sense for the situation. Skype does not notify me properly when I have an incoming call/ video call or text. Generally if you wish to have me add you on Skype please email me first to introduce yourself & let me know why you are wanting me to add you on Skype. 
  • Google Hangouts will randomly be available, if that's still functioning. I prefer using Google Hangouts over Skype since it works better on my smartphone AND actually notifies me when someone is trying to call me. If any Google Plus is still functional mine was google.com/+bentrealm
  • Messaging my page on Facebook & sending me a tweet or Direct Message on Twitter are probably the best ways to get ahold of me. Please be cool enough to contact me about the more sensitive issues or customer service stuff in email or via the private messaging systems on FB or Twitter.
  • On my Tumblr blog the ask page is enabled. It could be good to hear and answer some great questions, especially about art, writing, and creative stuff.

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