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Thinking about a variety of blogging ideas, among other things.
Lots being worked on in the background even when I get quiet.

I hope everybody is staying safe, taking care of themselves and making smart decisions during this strange time, much care goes out to everyone. Personally, I am usually fairly isolated and such so I'm not having to make major changes in order to do the "social distancing" thing, for once the difficulties of my regular life actively pay off in making me particularly skilled and equipped to better handle some additional difficulties, life is weird...

March 18, 2020

Some pages are still under reconstruction. Thanks for your patience.

Mine Blue Purple Roses Dragon Scales Throw Pillows
Mine Blue Purple Roses Dragon Scales Throw Pillows
by bentrealm
The back of this pillow is almost the same, it's done up in purples though and the text says "Still Mine"


Bent Realm Studios is the official online home of 
Writer / Artist / Creator - Christina Nabity

Bent Realm Studios is basically her production house.
It showcases her Art, Writing, Making / Crafting & all related endeavors, including online Shopkeeping, videos, and many other projects.

Located in Show Low, Arizona, USA. In the White Mountains.

Genres - Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Goth, Steampunk & more.

At present, Bent Realm Studios is small, operated out of Christina's home.

Some far reaching goals:
  • The ultimate aim is to basically become a multi-media publishing company/ production house, complete with related merchandise, based on my fictional worlds & merchandise lines and other projects.
  • Hopefully someday, to create - music, animation & video games, one day even movies.
  • Physical shops would one day be nice, as would having any of my items carried in stores.

Some of my intellectual properties & projects will be available for licensing, so other production houses are encouraged to make inquiries & offers [Contact]

Website began: Jan. 2010                  Bent Realm Studios has been in development since July 1994

Dream big or go home
Wander through worlds born of madness....

Endeavors include: Fine Art Originals, Handmade Items, Services, Comic Books, Novels &Stories, Reference Books, Merchandise/ cool stuff with her art on it, Art Supplies & much more. See what is is in  my shops (more items to be added regularly).
Learn More about what all she does here [link to be added when available].

Find Me elsewhere online.
For more of a bio on Christina - check here [link to be added when available].

Lots of new art, writing & more is in the works! Comic books, card & board games, 3D printed items, and other projects (1,000+ projects total) are in some stage of development or another!

"Always working on projects in the background even when I get quiet :)"

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