I have had to let go of a lot of plans in the last few years, had a lot of priority changes as well as major situation changes and so on over everything, including some really major changes; having to figure out what that means for my website and more, I am going to be adjusting my website and online presence accordingly for quite some time, aside from these changes I still hold out hope for a few future usage of prior endeavors in certain directions that I cannot currently pursue (in theory I aim to post a proper update about this stuff a bit more specifically)

Working on a variety of writing projects and art projects, etc.
Thinking about a variety of blogging ideas, among other things.
Lots being figured out in the background even when I get quiet.

I hope everybody is staying safe, taking care of themselves and making smart decisions during this strange time, much care goes out to everyone. Personally, I am usually fairly isolated and such so I'm not having to make major changes in order to do the "social distancing" thing, for once the difficulties of my regular life actively pay off in making me particularly skilled and equipped to better handle some additional difficulties, life is weird...

March 9, 2021

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Glimpsing of the What Nots of Now

A gazillion changes and and projects currently in progress all over Bent Ream Studios and in my personal life.

A glimpse at the main personal life stuff that affects my project schedule and more for BRS:

  • My divorce is final. So now I'm single and looking to get more involved with community and friends, and am in the process of returning to my old name. There is a swirl of activity surrounding this change on the whole. It's a huge adjustment, and I'm doing as well as I can under my circumstances.
  • I'm packing for a move and on a waiting list for an apartment while also exploring as many housing options as I can reasonably look into. May even be moving in with my parents for the interim. Lots of things will go into storage, possibly even in a tedious back and forth sort of way, etc.
  • Working on figuring out which paths I most want to pursue in pretty much every area of my life (as well as with Bent Realm). Some things had been set for a very long time, but it's obvious I need to re-evaluate many long standing plans and get them more up to date and in line with more recent developments in all areas including resources available.

As far as Bent Realm Studios itself goes, the current basics are:

  • Going through my supplies & projects and assessing  thoroughly what's going on with each
  • Going through my shops; taking stock and making plans, designing and preparing stuff to go in.
  • Made a chart of areas that need balanced attention and endeavoring to follow it
  • Working on a better task list system
  • Getting rid of unnecessary more burden than help clerical tasks (Like I stopped most counting of my words and the associated logging, will do a write up on that)
  • Development work on my larger projects
  • Small project work
  • Setting up a few primary projects to work on more majorly in different project categories (ex - novel series, board/ card game, comic book series etc.) Once those are all determined I'm likely to put up a post on it.
  • Getting my blogs regular
  • Development on my Shopkeepist project
  • Trying different things to get better photos of stuff
  • And much more

There is always so much more going in in the background with Bent Realm Studios than I could ever express in a lifetime. As I post additional information on the above mentioned BRS stuff I will add in links as appropriate.

How's your week going? Who else is in the middle of big life change stuff?  Who else is doing a bunch of organizing and prioritizing?

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