October's #Inktober went awesome for me, well that actual drawing with ink portion not the posting my results online same day portion. Only missed drawing one day. I will at some point this month get a blog entry on here displaying my whole 1st run at Inktober.

Most of my #NaNoPrep wound up being done on day one of #NaNoWriMo, Day 2 I did very close to a full days target goal. Day 3 despite being a bill pay errand shot me past multiple milestones, made up for a zero wordcount on day one and gave me an extreme buffer for the rest of the month, leaving me hopeful that I might not only win NaNo for the first time but maybe even have a rough draft for a complete novel at the end of November. The standard goal results in about 175 pages (50K words) a very short novel I think maybe is technically actually a novella. My works lean more towards series with an intended 300+ page (75K+ words) books type writing for the majority of my novelling attempts.
Lots being worked on in the background even when I get quiet.

November 3, 2016

Some pages are still under reconstruction. Thanks for your patience.

Skull, Hammer and Wrench Crossbones, purse hanger
Skull, Hammer and Wrench Crossbones, purse hanger by domesticrebel
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